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I have a juvenile who was referred for felony criminal mischief (damaged mom's car, couch and countertops because he was mad at her) back in 2005. The local LE agency did a report and completed a DPS Reporting (CJIS) form. The child was never taken into custody.

No referral was ever made by Juv Prob to our office to file a petition, and the child successfully completed an informal DPA.

Child now wants to "expunge" (in his words) his record. Can a 58.003 sealing order be done if the child was never adjudicated of delinquent conduct or even "taken into custody to determine whether he engaged in delinquent conduct".
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The statute seems to contemplate this situation. Check out the language in 58.003(d) that refers to the situation where "there is no adjudication". I think the court can grant the order - it would affect those who have records - not the court, since no petition was filed - but probably the law enforcement agency, probation department who supervised the deferred prosecution program and any other affected entity who might have records of the investigation and subsequent actions taken.
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