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Have a 16 year old whose name frequently pops up in police reports. Always in the wrong place at the wrong time, with the wrong crowd. However, we haven't been able to prove he's committing offenses.

I called the school to see how he's doing, and they said that he filled out an affidavit saying he's being homeschooled, and has not been enrolled in school since Oct 2002.

His father is in prison, his mother is really sick, and physically incapable of homeschooling someone, not to mention a little slow. So I don't see how this is happening.

The school said that once this form is filled out, there is nothing they can do to check up on whether he really is being homeschooled.

Is this correct? Anyway I can get him back to school? Or have the school check this out?

We've run into other situations where homeschooled kids weren't being supervised, committed an offense, and we ordered them back to school via probation. But this seems different.
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