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We have a juvenile that left a DNA specimen behind. He is currently in our juvenile detention facility. However, the offense that we now have him in detention for occurred in a neighboring county. The juvenile curently has other cases (that occurred in our county) pending. In addition, he lives in our county. The case has been properly transferred to our county (we accepted the case for prosecution). The officer from the otehr jurisdiction is now getting a search warrant to swab the juvenile's mouth for comparison DNA.

QUESTIONS-ho needs to sign the search warrant? Can the officer from the other county come to our detention facility to obatin the swab?

I have looked at the Statutes and it appears that for arrest warrants, a magistrate in the county where the crime occurred needed to sign the warrant. However that is for arrest warrants.

From what I can tell, I believe the offcier can come to our county to execute the warrant, and he can have a magistarte in our county sign the warrant as long as it is a district judge because they are state judges and have jurisdiction across the State. Is this correct?
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