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There is every sign that the total number of appeals are returning to levels not seen in several years. For example, the numbers in Dallas were 1127 in 2020, 1176 in 2021, 1379 in 2022, 1322 in 2023, and may reach more than 1600 in 2024 at the current pace.

On a per justice basis, the busiest court so far in 2024 is the Second, with about 57 cases filed per justice. The least busy are the two Houston courts, with about 40 cases filed per justice. Others less busy may be the Eighth at 43.3 cases per justice, the Thirteenth at 44, and the Seventh at 44.3. The statewide average so far: 47.25.

Of interest the three-judge courts with the most filings are the Sixth with 50.6 and the Twelfth at 50, yet they also provide opinions on a prompter basis than all the others. It is noted that these statistics did not take into account the numbers of cases transferred between the courts (which are thus counted twice and skew the geographic origins) and both civil and criminal cases are included.

Expect longer wait times for both dates of submission and dispostion.
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