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I can't make this up, folks. This is happening today. Murder trial in progress. Parking lot shooting between to "clubs". The factions are kept in separage hallways. First morning of trial some of one "club" go down to vending machines in basement where one person burglarizes the machine. Others see this occur. Report made to SO and DA's office. Not much credibility given until one person shows employee of DA's office where the culprit hid the cash taken from the machine, a good size roll of ones. Courthouse security videos can only show that certain people traveled a route that could take them to the vending machines, or elsewhere. No one has been arrested, but the matter is under active investigation. WHAT DUTY, IF ANY, DOES THE STATE HAVE TO DISCLOSE THIS TO THE DEFENSE? Can't really get my mind around a boolean search string to pull this up in WestLaw. Has anyone had this happen before? How did you handle it?
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For responses to this questions, see this thread.
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