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A link to a well-written, short article on the inevitable split in SCOTUS opinions. By a former federal prosecutor who briefed for Justice Blackmun!


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Interesting article, though the insight seems a little shallow. (My observation here is meant only as a critique of the writer of the article and the article itself and not in any way a comment about the recommendation of article for review--it is a very interesting and easy to read article.) I mean, I didn't really expect SCOTUS to be shiny, happy people under Roberts. Frankly, I expected a lot of 5-4 decisions, but with a change in the direction of the tilt. In fact, it's kind of more comforting in a way because now it's less like it's O'Connor's court. You don't have to watch her to see which way she's going to go (which was often hard to predict, just ask Alito).

There's kind of an undercurrent in the part about Ginsberg that I found funny. Would Ginsberg like that she's the concrete example of personal decision making? I mean he's essentially saying she is making her decisions because they are personal to her and when she reads her dissenting opinions out loud it's a cry of anguish. I imagine that she might think, "way to play into those gender stereotypes, buddy." (If she thinks in a guy's voice, of course.) It's not as bad as if it were written by John Riggins (or Clinton Portis for that matter), but I could see her taking it personally. Wink

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