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No New ContentDiscussion TopicUnborn Child Endangerment
Essentially, in the case of a mother who uses drugs and harms her unborn child, does 22.12 preclude the state from charging under 22.041?
by Martin Peterson
No New ContentDiscussion TopicVoir Dire Concerns - White Collar Theft
$168,000 stolen from local business - voir dire suggestions welcomed.
No New ContentDiscussion TopicProsecution of federal traffic offense
Can county attorney prosecute violation of federal law?
by Graham
No New ContentDiscussion TopicNon-Disclosure of Family Violence Offense
Defendant wants a non-disclosure of felony offense that, though not in judgment, was family violence offense.
by JohnR
No New ContentDiscussion TopicStop Signs
When do you have to signal a turn?
by ekquisenberry
No New ContentDiscussion TopicQuestion on Passenger Standing if the driver has warrants
DWI stop challenged
S. Howards2475
by Martin Peterson
No New ContentDiscussion TopicRecent MH related inquiries
Content of recent MH related inquiries
Floyd L. Jennings0295
No New ContentDiscussion TopicAlternate methods to prove up a prior judgment?
Unusable fingerprint
Matt Heermans111201
by JohnR
No New ContentDiscussion TopicTestimonial Immunity
Is there a general authority for courts to grant testimonial immunity?
by Martin Peterson
No New ContentDiscussion Topiccourt admonishments - waivers of counsel
Question - How do other counties handle communication with unrepresented misdemeanor defendants
by Shannon Edmonds
No New ContentDiscussion TopicBrief on Article 38.37
Issue in brief on extraneous sex acts
Kate Squires0289
No New ContentDiscussion TopicRelease without bond
release without bond
by GMcDonald
No New ContentDiscussion TopicCrawford and Protective Orders
Now I say it, now I don't.
David Allen Hall5803
by Martin Peterson
No New ContentDiscussion TopicSheriffs and Release of InmatesV'Anne Huser21204
by mhartman
No New ContentDiscussion TopicContempt of Court- Probating the sentence?
Contempt of Court Question
by Clay A.
No New ContentDiscussion Topicwrit of testificandum
writ help
by ssj
No New ContentClosedDiscussion TopicHunting Lawsuit-Need Advice
Please advise on what to do.
by GaryB
No New ContentDiscussion TopicOCA Ignition Interlock Judgment Special Order
OCA Special Orders
No New ContentDiscussion TopicCredit Card Abuse
Looking for Voir Dire guidance
Lauren H0230
No New ContentDiscussion TopicDefense Motion for DWI Breath Test Evidence
A defense attorney has submitted a cookie-cutter Motion for Discovery of DWI Breath Test Evidence. Multiple references are made to the "OSD-TSD-01" and the "AutoCal Procedures".
Dan Hunt2632
by Brody V. Burks
No New ContentDiscussion TopicThe Last WordsJB520103175
by Brody V. Burks
No New ContentDiscussion TopicGrand Jury Subpoenas
Using Grand Jury subpoenas to get misdemeanor evidence
by Ben Smith
No New ContentDiscussion TopicRevocations In Absentia
Forms and Procedures
No New ContentDiscussion TopicCore Work Product & case declined
Defense attorney subpoenaed correspondence between prosecutor's office and law enforcement agency
Lori J. Kaspar3794
by Martin Peterson
No New ContentDiscussion TopicCharging Manual
Anyone have indictment language for 521.456(b)?
by RScifres
No New ContentDiscussion TopicNovel Defense Argument
Failure to Comply with Sex Offender Registration - Failing to update change in employment
by jem
No New ContentDiscussion TopicMotion and Order Sealing Medical Records from Public View
Sample form?
Lauren H8760
by Lauren H
No New ContentDiscussion TopicPrivacy concern for Prosecutors
I discovered my private information was on this website, including a satellite photo of my house!
Lori J. Kaspar1744
by LT
No New ContentDiscussion TopicHabeas in re:to32.51 (Fraudulent Use)
Does anyone have any experience in dealing with an 11.08 writ in relation to 32.51?
by stp
No New ContentDiscussion TopicPublic Intoxication
Hypothetical Danger Associated with Use of Vehicle
Martin Peterson4770
by John.Wilkerson
No New ContentDiscussion TopicEthics opinion 646
Requiring discovery agreements grievable?
Rachel Patton2678
by Martin Peterson
No New ContentDiscussion TopicSame Transaction Contextual Evidence (with a twist) and Acquittal
Acquitted on the felony strangulation...but what about the interference with the 911 call?
Dee Belknap0366
No New ContentDiscussion TopicJustice for the Hasse and McLelland families
Thank you!
No New ContentDiscussion Topicmental disability sexual assault
Do I need an expert?
by Adam Muery
No New ContentDiscussion TopicPowerPoint for Voir Dire
Seeking assistance
Panhandle Native4682
by Panhandle Native
No New ContentDiscussion TopicEvidence Disposal Orders
Alcohol seized from minors
by John Greenwood
No New ContentDiscussion TopicParents using child's prescription
Is there an offense if the parent is using their own child's prescription?
K Massey1476
by Adam Muery
No New ContentDiscussion TopicGrand Jury
Extending Grand Jury
by Adam Muery
No New ContentDiscussion Topic10 questions
I am wanting to find out the 10 questions for officers at the scene of a domestic disturbance.
by Chad B.
No New ContentDiscussion TopicImmunity for witness
Immunity for witness/Defendant - same attorney representing both defendants
by Hubert
No New ContentDiscussion TopicProspective Juror Misconduct
Rule 606(b) Clarified
Martin Peterson0387
No New ContentDiscussion TopicChild Fatality Review Team
Are they beneficial?
by MV
No New ContentDiscussion TopicExpensive inmate
How to release an inmate pending TDC pickup
No New ContentDiscussion TopicCan either person sell car without the other title holder's permission?
A person and a company are listed as owners of a vehicle. Can the person sell the vehicle without the company's agreement?
Terry Breen3751
by Terry Breen
No New ContentDiscussion Topiccriminal
grand jury commissioners
Anne Pickle1587
by Mack T. Harrison
No New ContentDiscussion TopicCert of Service
What rules apply?
by nwood
No New ContentDiscussion TopicDoes the presumption of 31.03 C 7 apply to UUV
Does the presumption of 31.03 C 7 apply to UUV?
Adam Muery2550
by Adam Muery
No New ContentDiscussion TopicThreat to third party at school
Student tells administrator she plans to stab another student who is not present when the threat is made. Has a crime occurred and if so, what?
Keith Houston1582
by Shannon Edmonds
No New ContentDiscussion TopicExperts for converting hospital to whole blood in trial
Brand New DPS Directive see below.
Clay A.0465
No New ContentDiscussion TopicOut of State SXAB on a Continuous Sexual Abuse Case
Can out of state conduct be used as an essential element to prove a CSA case?
Jeff Swain3524
by Jon English
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