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No New ContentDiscussion TopicChild Sex Offense Outcry Witness
What constitutes the child's "statement"?
No New ContentDiscussion TopicUse of a prior family violence arrest 12.45
12.45 of prior family violence incident
by James
No New ContentDiscussion Topicvoir dire
Is anyone willing to share a voir dire for an aggravated sexual assault case (child victim)?
Anne J. Pickle1249
by Anne J. Pickle
No New ContentDiscussion TopicEvidence of plea bargain at guilt/ innocence
Is there a black-and-white prohibition against testimony during guilt/innocence regarding what was offered pre-trial as a plea bargain?
Jon English4463
by Martin Peterson
No New ContentDiscussion TopicFARO Technologies laser scanner
Admissibility issues?
Tom Brummett0195
No New ContentDiscussion TopicInsanity Defense
What circumstances give rise Defendant's right to have an instruction on Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity in the charge of the court?
by ZackWavrusa
No New ContentDiscussion TopicState's Motion Discovery
Defense Experts
Panhandle Native1357
by Robert S. DuBoise
No New ContentDiscussion TopicDWI Enhancement
Using DWI 2nd and enhancement without DWI 1st judgment
by Martin Peterson
No New ContentDiscussion TopicFake Texas ID Non-minor
Fake ID
by mhartman
No New ContentDiscussion TopicChild Porn Vior Dire, Expert Predicate and Jury Instruction
I will be trying my first child porn case next week.
No New ContentDiscussion TopicPredicate for Computer Forensic Expertskgonzalez11028
by KelsDown
No New ContentDiscussion TopicForgotten Part of the Speedy Trial Act
Getting Ready for Trial Still Important
Martin Peterson0403
No New ContentDiscussion TopicMoney Laundering...or is it?
34.02 Money Laundering Proof/Element
by Alec506
No New ContentDiscussion TopicAggravated Perjury
Need jury charges.
No New ContentDiscussion TopicFacility Dog
Who has a facility dog?
Michelle Putman4600
by nlostracco
No New ContentDiscussion TopicHGN
HGN and alcohol
Keith S. Weiser1545
by Martin Peterson
No New ContentDiscussion TopicHGN
All other factors being equal, can one be intoxicated by alcohol if there is no observable HGN?
Keith S. Weiser0306
No New ContentDiscussion TopicDash Cam video vs. Human Eye
Have an upcoming suppression hearing based upon traffic violation. Does anyone have a video and or picture that illustrates the difference between what a dash cam captures and what the human eye can see?
by AndreaW
No New ContentDiscussion TopicDWI Exigent Circumstances Case
Good Case on Exigent Circumstances/DWI Mandatory Draw
by Stacey L. Brownlee
No New ContentDiscussion TopicApplying 42.0181 &42.0183
Are prosecutors supposed to search for names under these statutes?
Matthew Mills2562
by Brent Haynes
No New ContentDiscussion TopicPCS PG 3 <28G With Perscription
Pills not in bottle. Illegal?
by Brent Ratekin
No New ContentDiscussion TopicDiscovery of CAC/MDT Notes, Reviews, etc. in child abuse cases
Defense attorneys are starting to ask for all of this information about the CAC & MDT.
Michelle Putman3762
by LH
No New ContentDiscussion TopicFelony DWI Voir Dire
Sample Voir Dire Request
Shalyn Hamlin2553
by Shalyn Hamlin
No New ContentDiscussion TopicNegative news about Odyssey
People being wrongly arrested
Quiet Man0470
No New ContentDiscussion TopicTraffic Stop Question
TC 547.333
by John Greenwood
No New ContentDiscussion TopicPrior conviction/ enhancement double-dipping
We all know you can't use a prior offense as both an element and as an enhancement. But why?
Jon English4683
by Martin Peterson
No New ContentDiscussion TopicMotion to Suppress
Does anyone have a cite for the proposition that the defense must disclose to the state the basis for their motion to suppress?
Chris Grier91525
by cbusbee
No New ContentDiscussion TopicDefense Experts in an Intoxication Manslaughter
No New ContentDiscussion TopicJurisdiction & Offer to Sell Controlled Substance
What is the proper county for prosecution?
No New ContentDiscussion TopicThumbprints on judgments
by Lori J. Kaspar
No New ContentDiscussion TopicProbable cause hearing after indictment?
Hearing set for probable cause after indictment. Anyone encountered this before?
by Brody V. Burks
No New ContentDiscussion Topicjury charge
request for jury charge
Anne J. Pickle0279
No New ContentDiscussion TopicOFFICIAL OPPRESSION 39.03 Penal Code
victor canales
by James
No New ContentDiscussion TopicPolice Officers' Criminal Records
Any Problem
Medina County101033
by James
No New ContentDiscussion TopicDeferred Adjudication set aside?
DPS is requiring a Deferred Adjudication dismissal be set aside in order for a Defendant to get LTC. Does anyone know what they are talking about?
K Massey6873
by JohnR
No New ContentDiscussion TopicCPS records
Subpoenas for records on kids
by Robert S. DuBoise
No New ContentDiscussion Topicblue warrant
jail furlough for medical reasons
No New ContentDiscussion TopicConfession translation
Need help translating confessions
by Hubert
No New ContentDiscussion TopicProving the voice on a phone
No one but the co-defendants ever saw the defendant make the phone call. What now?
Jon English5741
by TV
No New ContentDiscussion TopicDefendant's Prior Testimony
A defendant in my court testified at his protective order hearing. Now he is on trial for Assault Family Violence.

How do you get the transcript/testimony admitted from the Protective Order Hearing? Who reads it in front of the jury?

Are there any Notice requirements (like with a defendant's custodial statement)?
No New ContentDiscussion TopicVenue
It's Monday. I need help.
Lauren H1567
by GP
No New ContentDiscussion TopicAerial Wildlife Management violation P&W Code Sec. 43.1095
Aerial Wildlife Management violation P&W Code Sec. 43.1095
David Holmes0339
No New ContentDiscussion TopicAggregated Theft by Check Complaint
Need a Complaint
Medina County0314
No New ContentDiscussion TopicExpunction
Can an expunction be granted on felonies that do not have a statute of limitations?
by AndreaW
No New ContentDiscussion TopicNew Discovery Statute
When does it begin to apply in a case?
by Jason Bujnosek
No New ContentDiscussion TopicForensic Evidence Admissioin
First PCAST Case
J Ansolabehere1828
by Robert S. DuBoise
No New ContentDiscussion TopicMotion to Reconsider Sentence on MTR??
Can a judge hear a motion to reconsider the sentence on a motion to revoke probation?
by Martin Peterson
No New ContentDiscussion TopicObjecting to transfer of venue
Response to motion to transfer venue
by JenniferD
No New ContentDiscussion TopicOne more admonishment?Martin Peterson21373
by Martin Peterson
No New ContentDiscussion TopicMotion to Revoke
If the Defendant is arrested for an offense and pleas to a lesser included can you list both in the allegations in your MTR?
by KelsDown
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