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No New ContentDiscussion TopicPro se Sovereign Citizen speed
Looking for Motion in Limine
by Martin Peterson
No New ContentDiscussion TopicDWI punishment
Looking for a chart
by Shannon Edmonds
No New ContentDiscussion TopicEnhancing DWI 2d to felony
new one for me
by Jon English
No New ContentDiscussion Topic7A.01 Protective Order
Victim has a Pseudonym
Lauren H11522
by Lauren H
No New ContentDiscussion TopicRemembering Fort Bend prosecutor Gil Epstein
Gil was murdered on 9-18-96 during an aggravated robbery when the killer saw his badge in his wallet and thought he was a cop. This is the 24th anniversary of his death.
No New ContentDiscussion TopicFingerprints on Judgments During COVID-19
Suggestions as to how to get physical print without jeopardizing anyones health.
Alexandria Barrera21504
by Andrea W
No New ContentDiscussion Topicmedical expenses TDCJ transfer
Covid delay in transfer
No New ContentDiscussion TopicReckless Driving
Can you enhance a reckless driving?
by GP
No New ContentDiscussion TopicIntellectual Disability in Capital murder prosecution
I'm dealing with the West Texas Regional Public Defender on a capital murder and they are alleging Intellectual Disability.
by jtkuga
No New ContentDiscussion TopicAbandoning MRP Allegations
Probation Revocation
L Kleiman21507
by Martin Peterson
No New ContentDiscussion TopicSurvey on videoconference proceedings
Invitation to take part in survey on videoconference proceedings
Jenia Turner01554
No New ContentDiscussion TopicQuarantine Covid-19
Quarantine Order
by James
No New ContentDiscussion TopicGrand Jury
Grand Jury
No New ContentDiscussion TopicChallenges to Executive Order GA-13
Writ following denial of PR bond
by Shannon Edmonds
No New ContentDiscussion TopicSex offender registration/measuring distance
Sex offender registration/how to measure the 1000 feet
Mary Scanlon11545
by Martin Peterson
No New ContentDiscussion TopicSearch Warrant for Play Station Geolocation information
Search Warrant for Geolocation
No New ContentDiscussion Topichearings
procedures for court
by mhartman
No New ContentDiscussion TopicContested hearing via ZOOM
Setting a contested hearing via ZOOM
Stephen Harpold31857
by Stephen Harpold
No New ContentDiscussion TopicFalse Alarm or Report
COVID 19 - FALSE Alarm or Report
No New ContentDiscussion TopicMandamus
Can anyone help me with my first mandamus?
Matthew Mills21423
by County Attorney - Kinney County
No New ContentDiscussion TopicCOVID-19 Extending Grand Jury Term
How do we go about extending our grand jury term in light of COVID-19?
Michelle Putman11313
by Shannon Edmonds
No New ContentDiscussion TopicDefense subpoenas rape victim's photos on phone
Defense attorney in a sexual assault case has sent subpoena duces tecum to victim for photos from her phone.
by NMS
No New ContentDiscussion TopicLife Sentence - Murder
Inmate who plead to life on Murder now seeks all records in the State's file through an open records request.
by Jon English
No New ContentDiscussion TopicCOVID-19 Emergency Declarations and Parents
Can you hold a parent responsible for actions of their kids?
Jones CA01051
No New ContentDiscussion TopicCDL appeals
Deferred or PTD?
by Shannon Edmonds
No New ContentDiscussion TopicControlled Substance in Correctional Facility
Controlled Substance in Correctional Facility
by Jon English
No New ContentDiscussion TopicState Deposition forms
Looking for examples of the Affidavit and Application
Steve Lilley33058
by Shannon Edmonds
No New ContentDiscussion TopicArt 39.02 - State taking depositionkspears85535
by James
No New ContentDiscussion TopicHemp/Marijuana/THC
So now that it's been several months....what's everyone doing?
Michelle Putman11752
by CRobinette
No New ContentDiscussion TopicResolution of Misdemeanors
"Time Served" No Longer an Option
Martin Peterson614212
by Terry Breen
No New ContentDiscussion TopicSurvey: Human Trafficking Victim Restitution and Services-Prosecutor Study
We need your expertise. We have identified that there may be opportunities in which health care provider medical record documentation may assist in you in investigating and prosecuting individuals accused of human trafficking. Additionally, we have identified instances when health care provider medical record documentation may be helpful in determining victims’ services and victim restitution for acute and long-term needs, such as food, shelter, clothing, health care, substance abuse rehabilitation, and mental health care.
David Scott01199
No New ContentDiscussion TopicDiscovery - Michael Morton/Brady/39.14BRUCE HOFFER32167
by Martin Peterson
No New ContentDiscussion TopicUUMV Voir Dire
How to voir dire on UUMV
Anne J. Pickle11338
by Larry L
No New ContentDiscussion TopicPlea after FTA
How do you handle a plea after FTA
L Pence01082
No New ContentDiscussion Topic41.252 Longevity Pay and military service
How do they interact?
S. Howards01128
No New ContentDiscussion TopicProsecutor as Defense Witness
Prosecutor as Defense Witness
Katy Spraberry32022
by AlexLayman
No New ContentDiscussion TopicSex Offender Registration Requirement
Defendant is registered sex offender w/ a 10 year registration requirement. Is registration effected if Defendant is convicted of Failure to Register?
by Martin Peterson
No New ContentDiscussion TopicSearch Warrant
18 Wheeler Search Warrant
Bob Cole01097
No New ContentDiscussion TopicCAC interviews
Procedure in place to capture multiple interviews reference to exculpatory.
No New ContentDiscussion TopicProsecutor access to inmate mail
Prosecutor access to inmate mail
by Andrea W
No New ContentDiscussion TopicSection 21.02 Continuous Sexual Abuse of Child with Lesser Jury Instruction
Jury Instruction for lesser included
No New ContentDiscussion TopicJuvenile Justice Expert
William Bush, Texas A&M-San Antonio
by Forensicscientist
No New ContentDiscussion Topicpreparing judgments
Who prepares your court's judgments?
by Robert S. DuBoise
No New ContentDiscussion TopicLance Platt
Sydney B.01284
No New ContentDiscussion Topicfluaplrazolam
Looking for information regarding fluaplrazolam generally and related criminal charges
No New ContentDiscussion TopicProtection Order - juvenile
May a protective order be entered against a juvenile?
chad elkins01090
No New ContentDiscussion TopicDWI Discovery Abuse--Defense request- long and exhaustive
Need help--"Objections" &/or "Motions to Quash" to counter and fight
by <Deanna Williams>
No New ContentDiscussion TopicTransportation Code 709 (HB 2048)
Transportation Code 709
by ekquisenberry
No New ContentDiscussion TopicDeath certificates
Current method for obtaining death certificate without paying a fee
by John Placette
No New ContentDiscussion Topic§12.45 and §25.072
Can §12.45 PC bar prosecution for a repeat violation of Protective order prosecution?
by Martin Peterson
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