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No New ContentDiscussion TopicLess than Fair Representation in a Felony Aggravated Assault Case by DA
Felony Aggravated Assault Case seems to be getting swept under the rug due to politics in Newton and Sabine County
by Shannon Edmonds
No New ContentDiscussion TopicNeed Burg Hab Jury Charge
Looking for a Burg of Habitation Jury charge with an accomplice witness instruction.
C Siegert0443
No New ContentDiscussion TopicHELP WITH JURY CHARGE
by Hubert
No New ContentDiscussion TopicOrder of Nondisclosure for SW???
Internet company wants an order not to disclose service of warrant to their subscriber.
by nwood
No New ContentDiscussion TopicObjecting to transfer of venue
Response to motion to transfer venue
by Hubert
No New ContentDiscussion TopicContinuous Sexual Assault of a Child- 21.02
Does anyone have a sample indictment?
by cristinmlane
No New ContentDiscussion TopicEx Parte Requests for Funds for Investigators
How do other counties handle these requests?
by Robert S. DuBoise
No New ContentDiscussion Topicwhat I like (or don't like) about youGG5016306
by Tuck
No New ContentDiscussion TopicReceiving Criminal History Info from my SO
Does anybody have a ruling or direct statute, besides Chapter 411 of the Government Code, regarding the ability of law enforcement to share criminal histories with the prosecutors office? I was unaware that this was an issue. It's not with DPS but it is with my SO apparently.
Landon Lambert41252
by Tuck
No New ContentDiscussion TopicDPS criminal history
Can a district judge have a paper copy of a criminal history?
by HayesR
No New ContentDiscussion Topicjudge represented a witness
Does it mean they can't hear the case?
by nwood
No New ContentDiscussion Topicthe unsavory task of subpoena-ing a defense attorney and his client financial records
HELP ME PLEASE!! calling an attorney as a witness as to the identity of his client, the identity of the person who paid him and how much he was paid and possibly a tiny little subpoena for those financial records...
No New ContentDiscussion Topic38.22 Statements in Probation Revocation Hearings
Does the 20-day notice requirement apply?
by Robert S. DuBoise
No New ContentDiscussion TopicChild Abuse Dynamics Expert
Mary Farrington0521
No New ContentDiscussion TopicJury Charge Help
Continuous Family Violence/Reasonable Discipline Justification jury charge
No New ContentDiscussion TopicMental Culpability in Transportation Code Offenses
Mental State Required under TX Transportation Code Sec. 502.475 (Wrong, Fictitious,Altered, or Obscured Insignia)?
Kevin Hayes0626
No New ContentDiscussion TopicDr. Hamilton - pedophile expert
Defense used this guy in trial last year. I have some interesting observations
No New ContentDiscussion TopicConflict of Interest - Grievance filed by Defendant
Who would want to represent a client who grieved them?
Lauren H3935
by nwood
No New ContentDiscussion TopicBlack Box / CDR Expert
Looking for an expert
Robert Lopez1717
by Robert S. DuBoise
No New ContentDiscussion TopicNeed Some Help from Johnson County
Need help getting some certified copies of prior convictions quickly
No New ContentDiscussion Topic5th Amendment
Does claiming the 5th apply to all crimes?
East Texas Attorney61395
by JohnR
No New ContentDiscussion Topic"False Confessions" Expert
Expert help
No New ContentDiscussion TopicSearch Warrants
Tips for obtaining a search warrant for ID marks on Defendant
Don Hoover1732
by Martin Peterson
No New ContentDiscussion TopicCh 59 Notice to Real Property Owners
Does anyone have a form letter they will share?
No New ContentDiscussion TopicNeed Indictment Help
Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity based on commission of multiple burglary of habitations
No New ContentDiscussion TopicAddmissible??--"Certified Abstract Record"--DPS Driving Record
Admissable during "case in Chief" under Rule 404(b) TRE; Cert Copy; Business Record;
by J Ansolabehere
No New ContentDiscussion TopicVoir Dire Request
Manslaughter-Recklessness ; Criminal Negligent Homocide--Deadly Weapon-Motor Vehicle; Run Stop sign; Cell Phone Usage
No New ContentDiscussion TopicVenue in electronic theft cases?
Caselaw on point?
Matt Heermans2749
by Matt Heermans
No New ContentDiscussion TopicRevocation When Defendant is Out of StateMichaelBonner103514
by Martin Peterson
No New ContentDiscussion Topicvoir dire
voir dire
No New ContentDiscussion TopicCounty sheriff jurisdiction in national forest
County sheriff jurisdiction in national forest
Chris Grier41278
by John Greenwood
No New ContentDiscussion TopicEnhancing Certain SJ Felonies
Enhancing SJ thefts, prostitution and BMV cases
by Robert S. DuBoise
No New ContentDiscussion TopicAllen - Case of the Week
Fred Felcman0659
No New ContentDiscussion TopicContinuous Sexual Assault
Need voir dire and charge
No New ContentDiscussion TopicSuppression hearing statute
If a party insists, does the pre-trial statute limit a judge to considering only motions, affidavits, and oral testimony?
Jon English5897
by Jon English
No New ContentDiscussion TopicGrand Jury Bill Withdrawn
"Pick-a-Pal" Grand Jury Bill Withdrawn for 2015 Legislative Session
Robert S. DuBoise41167
by Terry Breen
No New ContentDiscussion TopicInterference with Child Custody
Child Custody
by FA
No New ContentDiscussion TopicFailure to Stop and Render Aid Counts
One Count per injured person?
by Prezas
No New ContentDiscussion Topicmiranda
Miranda no express waiver
by JohnR
No New ContentDiscussion TopicSaving a Recorded Confession
Yes, it was a custodial interrogation.
Lauren H61108
by JohnR
No New ContentDiscussion TopicObtain Juv Court Record
Need help on a Form Motion & Order
by Robert S. DuBoise
No New ContentDiscussion TopicDual Commissions
Sheriff's Depart seeking to do dual commissions of deputies in neighboring counties.
No New ContentDiscussion TopicDirected Verdicts and Instructed VerdictsLH2713400
by Scott Brumley
No New ContentDiscussion Topicdrug lab delay question
How is your office handling the time lag<BR>between arrest/jailing and getting lab<BR>results in narcotic cases?
by Abigail Placke
No New ContentDiscussion Topicsearch warrant
search warrant
No New ContentDiscussion TopicIs there a crime out there?
I can't seem to find anything in the Penal Code to fit, but this is creepy.
Lauren H31127
by GaryB
No New ContentDiscussion Topiccontrolled substances question
Does Texas require that someone know the specific type of drug they are possessing?
John Edgett31046
by Martin Peterson
No New ContentDiscussion TopicRe: Confidential Informants
Michael Morton Act and Confidential Informants
J Ansolabehere1982
by Shannon Edmonds
No New ContentDiscussion TopicDefendant as a rebuttal witness
Defendant's 5th Amendment right
by Jimbeaux
No New ContentDiscussion TopicImproper Photography / Search Warrant Issue
Improper Photography listed in search warrant...
by Shannon Edmonds
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