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No New ContentDiscussion TopicDeath Records
John Placette0597
No New ContentDiscussion TopicCompetency Trial - Voir Dire & Jury Charge
Does anybody have a voir dire and jury charge for a competency trial?
Michelle Putman0593
No New ContentDiscussion TopicAre DA employees being squeezed out of the middle class?
NY Times reports on public servant salaries shrinking
by Martin Peterson
No New ContentDiscussion TopicFailure to Remit Tax TAX 152.104
Fred Edwards21793
by Fred Edwards
No New ContentDiscussion Topicvoid or voidable
void or voidable
by Martin Peterson
No New ContentDiscussion TopicTexas CCP 38.37 and Juvenile Adjudications
Can a juvenile adjudication for Indecency with a Child be admitted in the guilt phase of a Sexual Assault trial as an adult?
by knuttall
No New ContentDiscussion TopicDrug Free Zone
Drug Free Zone punishment
No New ContentDiscussion TopicFailure to Register as Sex Offender (CCP 62.102) Jurisdiction
We have a defendant that was convicted in Louisiana of Aggrevated Sexual Assault of a Child with the requirement that he register.
by Martin Peterson
No New ContentDiscussion TopicKeeping a Gambling Place Voir Dire
Any ideas?
Arron Swink16388
by mhartman
No New ContentDiscussion TopicSW Aff & SW - Financial Accounts
Drafting search warrant affidavit and warrant to seize/freeze bank accounts
by jdt
No New ContentDiscussion TopicDWI confinement as a condition of community supervision
Waiving mandatory confinement required by CCP 42.12(13)
chad elkins36375
by Samson
No New ContentDiscussion TopicLesser Included: False Report to Peace Officer
Looking for a Class C Lesser Included
Arron Swink16615
by Matthew Mills
No New ContentDiscussion TopicBail Jumping voir dire???
Never thought I would actually have to try one of these but....
by mg1333
No New ContentDiscussion TopicAttorney representing self on traffic ticket says "Attorney of Record" not notified
Is this as sneaky and underhanded as it seems?
Arron Swink11276
by Arron Swink
No New ContentDiscussion TopicSubbing chemist from out of state lab?
What are my options with my OOS lab results?
Jon English41588
by Jon English
No New ContentDiscussion TopicInjury to Elderly
Prose when you starve your parent
No New ContentDiscussion TopicOfficial Oppression by police officer
jury charge for official oppression?
Peter K07003
No New ContentDiscussion TopicReturn of firearm
Return of firearm
by Martin Peterson
No New ContentDiscussion TopicOSPA Offers Practically Free Traffic-Stop Training for Rural Law Enforcement
OSPA Offers Practically Free Traffic-Stop Training for Rural Law Enforcement
Stacey M. Soule07144
No New ContentDiscussion Topictransporting child for a forensic interview
Can law enforcement transport a child from school for a forensic interview without the parent's consent?
by Robert446
No New ContentDiscussion TopicOut of state driving record
DWLI help
Panhandle Native06573
No New ContentDiscussion TopicSearch Warrant for Sample to Test for STD
Child V has an STD and I need to know if perp gave it to her.
Lauren H07621
No New ContentDiscussion Topic"Forgot the Kids" deaths
Brainstorm session?
No New ContentDiscussion TopicAlternatives to disorderly conduct
What if it's not in a public place?
Matthew Mills47550
by Matthew Mills
No New ContentDiscussion TopicObjecting to transfer of venue
Response to motion to transfer venue
by Andrea W
No New ContentDiscussion TopicBrady disclosure for witness unavailability
When do we need to disclose this?
Matthew Mills48348
by AlexLayman
No New ContentDiscussion TopicHow to discuss range of punishment for DWI 2nd in voir dire?
Want the jury to consider the range, but don't want defense objecting to prior.
Arron Swink27268
by danlabruyere
No New ContentDiscussion TopicK2/Fake Weed expert
So I need a guy...
No New ContentDiscussion TopicCharging a POCS CaseRobert911153
by Martin Peterson
No New ContentDiscussion TopicMotion to Revoke Appeal Bond - Where to File?
Need help with jurisdiction on Motion to Revoke Appeal Bond.
by wacountyaca
No New ContentDiscussion TopicDepletion of DNA sample
To test or not to test, is that really a question ???
Stacey L. Brownlee07297
No New ContentDiscussion TopicFORGERY - Charging Question
What is the proper way to Indict?
by Martin Peterson
No New ContentDiscussion TopicCase submission deadlines
What's reasonable?
No New ContentDiscussion TopicJury Charge - Delivery or Possession of Controlled Substance
Defendant believes he is possessing or delivering one controlled substance, but lab results show it is a difference controlled substance
Lauren H17700
by Martin Peterson
No New ContentDiscussion TopicConcealed carry
Concealed carry
by TV
No New ContentDiscussion TopicIntake
Getting the police to give us what they have
Peter K18164
by Michelle Putman
No New ContentDiscussion TopicJP speeding ticket helpA. Klement1010566
by James
No New ContentDiscussion TopicTyler Technology/Odyssey/Electronic Discovery
Looking for other people's experiences with this software
Eric C. Carcerano07491
No New ContentDiscussion TopicRestitution question
Can we assess a standard amount for businesses that deal with thefts?
Matthew Mills17158
by Craig Caldwell
No New ContentDiscussion TopicSynthetic Marijuana (K-2) Charging Language
How to charge possession of synthetic marijuana?
Arron Swink06267
No New ContentDiscussion TopicKik account - Canadian Production Order?
Anyone done one of these?
by A. Voigt
No New ContentDiscussion TopicDWI Rural Driveway = Public Place?
Need help determining public place element of DWI
by Andrea W
No New ContentDiscussion TopicMurder of officer voir dire hypos
Need help on voir dire hypos involving murder of an officer
Danny Smith17571
by jws
No New ContentDiscussion TopicCourt Admonishments to a Pro Se Defendant
How much is enough?
Arron Swink17065
by jws
No New ContentDiscussion TopicAWOL Defense Attorney
Options when defense attorney disappears?
by Larry L
No New ContentDiscussion TopicDWI No Refusal Program- Out of County Magistrate?
Assistance requested- attempting to create a no refusal program in a county with a dearth of magistrates to sign warrants
by Shannon Edmonds
No New ContentDiscussion TopicCTW for County Property
Criminal Trespass Warning Policy for Governmental Property
No New ContentDiscussion TopicVictim Phones
How does your office handle a victim's phone?
Todd Smith61788
by Jon English
No New ContentDiscussion TopicMassive backlog getting def's to Vernons State Hosp.
Jail says there is a 10 mos. waiting list to get a def. evaluated at Vernons St. Hosp.
Terry Breen06610
No New ContentDiscussion Topic11.072 alleging everything under the sun
...except Padilla
Lauren H16513
by GaryB
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