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No New ContentDiscussion TopicTemporary Divorce Orders
by Ken Sparks
No New ContentDiscussion TopicWimbish
Wimbish is coming...
No New ContentDiscussion TopicRepeal the Michael Morton Act.
TDCAA should abandon it's neutrality on legislation, and work to repeal this dangerous and costly statute.
Terry Breen11341
by Barry Green
No New ContentDiscussion TopicMiller v Alabama
JLWOP (juvenile life without parole)
Shannon Edmonds9412676
by rk
No New ContentDiscussion TopicVoir Dire
Burglary of Habitation with Intent to Commit Assault
JoShae Worley065
No New ContentDiscussion TopicNecessity of Separate Warrant for Forensic Evaluation of Electronics
Is anyone aware of either a statutory or case law requirement that the forensic examination of electronics (in this case a computer and digital camera) requires issuance of a separate search warrant
Robert S. DuBoise1137
by Jimbeaux
No New ContentDiscussion TopicStanding Discovery Order in DWI's
Defense Bar Proposing to Board of Judges a Standing Discovery Order in DWI's
by Shannon Edmonds
No New ContentDiscussion TopicNot Guilty by Reason of Insanity - Nondangerous Conduct
What's the next step when defendant is found NGRI and a 46C.201(b)(1) order has been entered?
by Floyd L. Jennings
No New ContentDiscussion TopicDWI killer?
clinically sober AAOx4
David Allen Hall1190
by Terry Breen
No New ContentDiscussion TopicPC 25.07 & 38.112
Inconsistent laws with regard to violations of protective orders and bond conditions
Lori J. Kaspar2219
by Lori J. Kaspar
No New ContentDiscussion TopicOut of County Grand Jury Subpoena
Need a "go by" out of county grand jury subpoena
R. Scott McKee087
No New ContentDiscussion TopicFees relating to Grand Jury SubpoenasDanny Smith51099
by JohnR
No New ContentDiscussion Topiclagron
Thomas L. Pfeiffer3305
by C Siegert
No New ContentDiscussion TopicBlood draw warrant issue
conclusory statements?
Matt Heermans3233
by ekquisenberry
No New ContentDiscussion TopicAffidavit and Application for Depositionm.boemio2590
by Lauren H
No New ContentDiscussion TopicNaked and afraid?
can you urinate in your front yard?
Jones CA1261
by david curl
No New ContentDiscussion TopicCalling A.P.
Brazen Banjo Bandits
by Scott Brumley
No New ContentDiscussion TopicWhen was dating violence added to family violence?
help a fellow prosecutor out
by Jon English
No New ContentDiscussion TopicDWI 2nd - Unique Facts
Got a weird DWI 2nd and I'm looking for any thoughts/suggestions anybody might have
by ZackWavrusa
No New ContentDiscussion TopicForgery Proof - US Currency
Proving lack of authorization
East Tex ADA1193
by Jon English
No New ContentDiscussion TopicCross exam of battered spouse expert
Cross exam of battered spouse expert
No New ContentDiscussion TopicGuidelines for traffic fatalities
Does anyone have them?
by Tuck
No New ContentDiscussion TopicSearch/Miranda Question
Asking person under arrest about contraband hidden on person? Need Miranda? First time I have run into this issue.
by Jon English
No New ContentDiscussion TopicStatutory warrantless blood draws in doubt?
Missouri v. Mcneely holds that dissipation of alcohol is not per se exigent circumstances
by Martin Peterson
No New ContentDiscussion TopicField testing devices for synthetic marijuana
Local police department is looking at getting a device called TruNarc. Anyone else using these? Any luck getting the results admitted in court?
by Brody V. Burks
No New ContentDiscussion Topicsearch question
Searching person of driver under automobile exception?
Ben Smith2359
by Jon English
No New ContentDiscussion TopicTake the challenge
Get your bucket or get your wallet.
by J Ansolabehere
No New ContentDiscussion TopicWrit of Habeas Corpus
Defendant is seeking writ of habeas corpus to set aside a judgment on a class c drug paraphernalia charge because it is jeopardizing her status as a permanent resident.
by Eric C. Carcerano
No New ContentDiscussion TopicForgery by passing
Person who took the instrument
by Shannon Edmonds
No New ContentDiscussion TopicANSWERED
Thank you!
by Shannon Edmonds
No New ContentDiscussion TopicMotion to Revoke Probation Stipulation Subsequent Prosecution
Motion to Revoke Probation Stipulation Subsequent Prosecution
by Scott Brumley
No New ContentDiscussion TopicDeferred probation revoked, when is date of final conviction?
which date to use?
by LRichards
Our crime scene tech who lifted the print is dead...
No New ContentDiscussion TopicXLR-11
What is It?
East Tex ADA71190
by Lori J. Kaspar
No New ContentDiscussion TopicPassenger
Authority to not only detain but physically search a passenger in a vehicle....
by Brent Robbins
No New ContentDiscussion TopicJail log considered Gov't Doc?
Are false entries in log book tampering?
DK Sanders2434
by DerekE
No New ContentDiscussion TopicClass C
Operation of Motor Vehicle in Freshwater Protected Area
No New ContentDiscussion TopicMorton Act Presentation for Law Enforcement
Morton Act Presentation for Law Enforcement
by Jon English
No New ContentDiscussion TopicHIV Infected Transmits Virus to Unknowing Victim
Will aggravated assault/DW apply to HIV positive suspect transmitting virus to unknowing victim?
Michael Burns6465
by APorter
No New ContentDiscussion TopicGift Card as Debit Card Abuse?
Gift Card as cash or debit card
by Griffin
No New ContentDiscussion Topichindering secured creditor venue
CCP 13.09 doesn't seem to fit
Ben Smith0170
No New ContentDiscussion TopicISF Credit
What happens if you fail ISF
No New ContentDiscussion TopicEnhancements
How many times can you enhance?
by 1nachwa
No New ContentDiscussion Topicmotion to disqualify
motion to disqualify
No New ContentDiscussion TopicAny liability???
What are the ramifications for an employee of a D.A.'s Office turning over a copy of an active felony file to an attorney in a civil case?
by A. Diamond
No New ContentDiscussion TopicMotion to Quash Manufacture Simulated Controlled Substance
Quashing an indictment for simulated controlled substance
East Tex ADA0220
No New ContentDiscussion TopicExtraneous or not?
DWI video
Matt Heermans2382
by Matt Heermans
No New ContentDiscussion TopicMisdemeanor Harassment
Is a public Facebook post an "electronic communication" for purposes of the misdemeanor harassment statute?
by Brody V. Burks
No New ContentDiscussion TopicTesting for HIV/AIDSLisaS2916
by e sainz
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