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No New ContentDiscussion TopicCan either person sell car without the other title holder's permission?
A person and a company are listed as owners of a vehicle. Can the person sell the vehicle without the company's agreement?
Terry Breen125
by nwood
No New ContentDiscussion TopicDoes the presumption of 31.03 C 7 apply to UUV
Does the presumption of 31.03 C 7 apply to UUV?
Adam Muery292
by Adam Muery
No New ContentDiscussion TopicThreat to third party at school
Student tells administrator she plans to stab another student who is not present when the threat is made. Has a crime occurred and if so, what?
Keith Houston186
by Shannon Edmonds
No New ContentDiscussion TopicExperts for converting hospital to whole blood in trial
Brand New DPS Directive see below.
Clay A.090
No New ContentDiscussion TopicOut of State SXAB on a Continuous Sexual Abuse Case
Can out of state conduct be used as an essential element to prove a CSA case?
Jeff Swain3127
by Jon English
No New ContentDiscussion TopicProbation eligibility
Is a defendant eligible for probation if he has been convicted prior to trial but not prior to his offense?
by Barry Green
No New ContentDiscussion Topicenhancing misd. theft to SJF
what does "any grade of theft" mean?
Ben Smith8293
by Jon English
No New ContentDiscussion TopicStatutory warrantless blood draws in doubt?
Missouri v. Mcneely holds that dissipation of alcohol is not per se exigent circumstances
by JohnR
No New ContentDiscussion TopicYou Can't Make This UpJohnR25035148
by JohnR
No New ContentDiscussion TopicJurisdiction of Officer
I thought officers had jurisdiction to arrest inside the county in which their city was located.
Jones CA1163
by Mack T. Harrison
No New ContentDiscussion TopicSatisfaction of Capias Pro Fine
Jailing on Capias Pro fine
by A. Diamond
No New ContentDiscussion TopicArrestable Bond Conditons
Can a peace officer instanter a person, if that officer knows the defendant has bond conditions.
by Walt
No New ContentDiscussion TopicLaying out money in jail
Would like to find out how other counties handle this issue
by mhartman
No New ContentDiscussion TopicDeferred for habitual offendermyoung81622
by Martin Peterson
No New ContentDiscussion Topicwarrantless arrest misdemeanor
by bgreer
No New ContentDiscussion TopicStatue of Limitations
Statutes for Criminal Offenses
by BU343
No New ContentDiscussion Topicnondisclosures in municpal court?
Court says it is not a court of record
by JohnR
No New ContentDiscussion TopicInformation against a company
7.187 of the water code allows the state to bring a criminal action against a company.
William Dixon0151
No New ContentDiscussion TopicTheft by Check - Aggregate?
Anyone have prose for theft by check -- aggregate?
Lori J. Kaspar1233
by GaryB
No New ContentDiscussion TopicDaubert/Kelly and Firearms & Toolmarks
looking for transcripts
No New ContentDiscussion TopicOld Absconder & Due Diligence
Does the old common law defense still exist in pre-statute cases?
by nwood
No New ContentDiscussion TopicChild Endangerment- Hot Drug Tests
Charging parents for child endangerment on child's CPS hair follicle positive drug test?
Kate Squires0200
No New ContentDiscussion TopicEvading Arrest with Previous Conviction - Voir Dire
Hoping to avoid re-inventing the wheel
Lauren H0176
No New ContentDiscussion TopicSubpoena for HIV Test Result
HIV Test Result Subpoena
by A. Diamond
No New ContentDiscussion Topic2013-2015 Charging Manual
Change from "or" to "and"
by Martin Peterson
No New ContentDiscussion TopicMissing Clerk's File
Stephanie Stephens3483
by Brody V. Burks
No New ContentDiscussion TopicChild Fatality Review Team
Are they beneficial?
No New ContentDiscussion TopicJuvenile Adjudication for Agg. Sexual Assault of a Child
Can this be used to enhance to auto-life?
Flint Schneider1239
by nwood
No New ContentDiscussion TopicCan Theft of Service conviction be used to enhance Theft
Enhancing theft case up to SJ?
by Jon English
No New ContentDiscussion TopicFelony Murder Voir Dire
Does anyone have a good felony murder voir dire?
No New ContentDiscussion TopicJP appeal bonds
JP appeal bonds
by AndreaW
No New ContentDiscussion TopicOfficer present
Present during the interview
by JohnR
No New ContentDiscussion TopicGrand Jury
Bob Lipo, Assistant DA-81st Judicial District
No New ContentDiscussion TopicFord vs. Samaripas
"Punished" only if "Punishable under"?
Martin Peterson0208
No New ContentDiscussion TopicETAIA Arson Conference
Seminar on case prep and presentation
Stacey L. Brownlee0153
No New ContentDiscussion TopicFees relating to Grand Jury SubpoenasDanny Smith61480
by C Siegert
No New ContentDiscussion TopicMeasuring Penalty Phase Prejudice
The extent of counsel's duty in ameliorating the punishment decision is changing
Martin Peterson0293
No New ContentDiscussion TopicThe Docket Call Song
I think this song captures perfectly how prosecutors view docket call.
Terry Breen8761
by nwood
No New ContentDiscussion TopicAny new info on LIDAR?
looking for material
by David Allen Hall
No New ContentDiscussion TopicSearch
Search incident to arrest vs. preincarceration search
by JM
No New ContentDiscussion TopicFUB-144
Anyone have experience with this synthetic cannabinoid?
Lori J. Kaspar2478
by Lori J. Kaspar
No New ContentDiscussion TopicUnanimity on Manner and Means of "Touching"
Does the jury have to find that the defendant touched the victim with a specific instrument?
Jim Tirey1374
by Robert S. DuBoise
No New ContentDiscussion TopicForgery
Power of Attorney Forgeries
by DerekE
No New ContentDiscussion TopicViolation of Protective Order
Anyone ever file "attempted violation of a protective order?"
Lori J. Kaspar0247
No New ContentDiscussion TopicRepeal the Michael Morton Act.
TDCAA should abandon it's neutrality on legislation, and work to repeal this dangerous and costly statute.
Terry Breen42458
by Terry Breen
No New ContentDiscussion TopicPI Citations
In regards to Art. 14.031 and Art. 14.06. What should a peace officer do with a PI according to these two Articles?
by Shannon Edmonds
No New ContentDiscussion TopicNecessity of Separate Warrant for Forensic Evaluation of Electronics
Is anyone aware of either a statutory or case law requirement that the forensic examination of electronics (in this case a computer and digital camera) requires issuance of a separate search warrant
Robert S. DuBoise3533
by JohnR
No New ContentDiscussion TopicTemporary Divorce Orders
by ravella
No New ContentDiscussion TopicMiller v Alabama
JLWOP (juvenile life without parole)
Shannon Edmonds9413967
by rk
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