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No New ContentDiscussion TopicAdvice for getting a job as a prosecutor.
Over the past year or so, I've applied to different available positions (even entry-level positions), but I've had no luck. Seeking advice.
by 6700GgQPAI
No New ContentDiscussion TopicPen Packs
Almost 2 years isn't bad, right?
by MP
No New ContentDiscussion TopicHIPAA - anyone have a court order or letter citing an exception?
Anybody have a court order or letter citing HIPAA excpetion for medical records?
Michelle Putman3300
No New ContentDiscussion TopicProbation language
Need examples
by ekquisenberry
No New ContentDiscussion TopicMassage Therapist
Its icky, but does that make it a crime?
by nlostracco
No New ContentDiscussion TopicWrit of habeas corpus ad Prosequendum
Need a Writ of Habeas Corpus Prosequendum
No New ContentDiscussion Topic38.075 JAILHOUSE SNITCH CHARGEssj1762
by Shannon Edmonds
No New ContentDiscussion TopicStolen Property at the PawnshopMartin Peterson124156
by Martin Peterson
No New ContentDiscussion Topic38.22 substantial compliance brief
38.22 substantial compliance brief
by Hubert
No New ContentDiscussion Topicmarihuana oil
Looking for reg on marihuana oil
by Shannon Edmonds
No New ContentDiscussion TopicCan't say the BAC number in opening?
Any authority for the idea that you can't tell the jury what the results of blood/ breath are during your opening?
Jon English3198
by Shannon Edmonds
No New ContentDiscussion TopicOpen Carry
Community Center and Open Carry?
No New ContentDiscussion TopicMobile Trackers
CCP 18.21 Mobile Trackers
Fred Edwards1140
by Larry L
No New ContentDiscussion TopicDemonstratives in Voir Dire
What arguments against Defense objections to photographs/power point slides?
by Jon English
No New ContentDiscussion TopicBrady: Officer's Conduct Expunged
Where officer pled guilty to class c deferred and subsequently obtained dismissal and expunction, are we prohibited from disclosing the conduct as Brady information due to expunction laws?
S Whittmore7607
by AndreaW
No New ContentDiscussion TopicOut on Bond for a Motion to Revoke
Is a probationer still subject to the conditions of community supervision if a motion to revoke his probation was filed and the probationer is out on bond pending a hearing?
by GP
No New ContentDiscussion TopicFamily Violence
Eye of the beholder???
Lauren H5446
by K Massey
No New ContentDiscussion TopicStatutory warrantless blood draws in doubt?
Missouri v. Mcneely holds that dissipation of alcohol is not per se exigent circumstances
by Martin Peterson
No New ContentDiscussion TopicToo good not to share
Don't Eat Your Weed
Quiet Man0158
No New ContentDiscussion TopicUnlawful Possession of a Firearm by a Felon
Is there any requirement that the State allege the "firearm" with more specificity?
No New ContentDiscussion TopicMotion in Capital Case - Voluntary Intoxication
We have a Motion out of the Public Defender's Office in a Capital case. It seemed boilerplate, so wanted to see if anyone has already addressed this issue.
Marc Ledet0123
No New ContentDiscussion TopicFelon in Possession of Firearm?
I am NOT a felony prosecutor so this question might be easy. I have a juvenile I plead today to a felony.
Jones CA2312
by nlostracco
No New ContentDiscussion TopicMorton Act and Discovery
State Auditor Investigations
Chris Walling1258
by Jon English
No New ContentDiscussion TopicTampering with a Governmental Record
When do you defraud or harm another?
by James
No New ContentDiscussion TopicSearch Warrant
Visitor's car is searched too
by nlostracco
No New ContentDiscussion TopicForms
In need of templates, if already in existence
Panhandle Native2860
by A. Voigt
No New ContentDiscussion TopicScholarship Money
Investigator Board Scholarship- deadline for submission of applications approaching fast
No New ContentDiscussion Topicmandatory sjf probation
Defendant would just rather do his time than take mandatory probation
Ben Smith2433
by Robert S. DuBoise
No New ContentDiscussion TopicBrady/Morton and Officer Termination
Deputy terminated in 2002 for misconduct, now we have trial cases in which he obtained search warrants? Do we have a trial or dismiss??
by B Mills
No New ContentDiscussion TopicBrady, Morton, Schultz, & a deputy named in a civil suit
Should this be disclosed, and is there a case on-point
R Scott4531
by R Scott
No New ContentDiscussion Topicswpstake machine
swpstake machine legal in texas ?
by ekquisenberry
No New ContentDiscussion TopicRestitution to Victim
Is restitution a community property debt in a divorce?
Polly Filson General victim services reg1286
by Martin Peterson
No New ContentDiscussion Topicposs. of c.s. voir dire
Looking for a poss. of controlled substance voir dire.
Anne J. Pickle0183
No New ContentDiscussion TopicRequest for a Harassment Voir Dire
Looking for anyone who has a harassment voir dire that they are willing to share
No New ContentDiscussion TopicMorton and control of the state or any person under contract with the state"
Does Morton require the State to subpoena photographs in the possession of a forensic nurse working for a local hospital and then disclose them to the defense?
Matthew Poston5423
by Matthew Poston
No New ContentDiscussion TopicExpunction and records kept but redacted
Full Expungement BUT records are kept and simply redacted?!?!?!!!??
by AndreaW
No New ContentDiscussion TopicDaubert hearing--cell tower distance/propagation
Looking for anyone who has done a hearing on cell tower distance/propagation
No New ContentDiscussion TopicDesignate Experts/Shackle the Defendant
Murder trial
by James
No New ContentDiscussion TopicConsent to Search Forms
Does anyone have consent forms for digital devices?
by RCross
No New ContentDiscussion TopicDV protocol for DA and law enforcement
Need a streamlined protocol for collection of statements and contact with witnesses
by RCross
No New ContentDiscussion TopicHindering secured creditors voir dire
Hindering secured creditors voir dire
Roy DeFriend0209
No New ContentDiscussion TopicUCW motorcycle
UCW on a motorcycle
Craig Caldwell1432
by GaryB
No New ContentDiscussion TopicSample order for handwriting exemplarJohn A. Stride72467
by NBrown
DPS Austin Crime Lab procedure adds additional burden to prosecutors
by jholmes
No New ContentDiscussion TopicDFW Counterfeit Money Expert
Witness Needed in Forgery of US Currency
J. Ryan Eady0262
No New ContentDiscussion TopicAiding and abetting harassment
Is there sufficient to charge for aiding and abetting to harass another?
by Jon English
No New ContentDiscussion TopicNew case/arrest necessary when upfile B to A
When a defendant was arrested and magistrated on a B, but we want to file an A, does the defendant need to be rearrested?
by Jon English
No New ContentDiscussion TopicTemplates for destruction of blood evidence?
Blood evidence
by Serena
No New ContentDiscussion TopicAppearance bond for class C ticket
Appearance Bond on Class C traffic tickets
by Quentin Russell
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